Dr Simon Clarke: Seminar Details and Video

Dr Simon Clarke, RNCM

Wednesday 1 February

Vulgar Display: Serious music and ... er ... Slipknot

The focal point of this seminar is the formal introduction of a new and highly unusual ensemble, urbanely known as Vulgar Display. Comprised of RNCM staff and students, the group fuses aspects of extreme metal with a more traditional chamber ensemble orientation and consists of detuned electric guitar, electric violin, electric cello, piano and two percussionists. The session will culminate with the première of a piece written by Dr Clarke, especially for the occasion. Naturally, the creative scope of this project is potentially broad but its aesthetic implications are of no little consequence in themselves. Dr Clarke seeks to tie together here various stylistic strands (somewhere between Ravel and Pantera) into a peculiarly poststructural ’knot.


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