Dr Biranda Ford: Seminar Details and Video

Dr Biranda Ford (GSMD)

19th October 2011

What are conservatoires for?

With impending funding cuts, higher education today is a hotly contested ground. Where do conservatoires stand in all of this? Should conservatoires aim to make their students employable? Should conservatoires preserve tradition? Drawing on her recent doctoral research into the purpose of a conservatoire education, Dr Biranda Ford will explore these questions, relevant to all students, teachers and researchers in the conservatoire community.  The implications for current conservatoire practice will be considered, followed by a discussion session where audience members are invited to participate.

Biranda Ford studied musicology at St Peters College, Oxford and violin at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She has been teaching at the Guildhall School since 2002 at both junior and senior levels. During this time she became interested in music education research, completing her doctoral thesis at the Institute of Education in March 2011. As Research Assistant at the Guildhall School, Biranda is looking at themes of audiences and collaborative work and will take part in practitioner research on a devised music theatre project this autumn.  Biranda also freelances as a violinist in orchestral and chamber music and is a member of the newly formed Goldfield Ensemble.


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