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*It is possible to sync college email with some other devices such as smart phones and iPads. Instructions available on Moodle (URL listed above).


Password Policy

Students can change their password by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del when logged on a college PC, then selecting ‘Change a password’; or by calling into the IT department on 0161 907 5257.

 The password you create must be at least 8 characters, cannot include any part of your name and must include 3 of the following 4 types of character –

  1. Upper case letters
  2. Lower case letters
  3. Numbers
  4. Symbols



There are two wireless networks available for student use at the RNCM:


Which you can log into using your college username and password.  This connects you for upto 24 hours, after which time the connection will be reset.


International network which lets you connect at any eduroam participating institution worldwide. You will need to configure your device (phone/laptop/tablet) before use.  You will find detailed instructions of how to do this on our webpage

 *Note - Your username for eduroam is not just your RNCM username; Your eduroam username is your RNCM username followed by  

For example - or

Network Storage

All students have their own allocated storage space on the RNCM network.  This will appear as drive G:\ in ‘My Computer’.  Anything saved in ‘My documents’ or ‘Desktop’ will also be redirected to this drive.  The IT department take backups of these network drives and in the event of a fault, it may be possible to restore the most recent backup copy.


Asimut room booking system

Book practice rooms online at and confirm or cancel bookings on campus at a touch screen – you will need to keep your ID card on you at all times to use the Asimut system.


Moodle is a web based ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE) that is being used at RNCM to support teaching and research. It is also used to enable communication and support all the events and activities of the college. It can be accessed on or off campus at the address  It is an easy to use system and should be reasonably intuitive to use for most people that are familiar with interactive websites.

If you have any problems there is help available in the ‘Moodle Help – Students’ area accessible via the Help menu on Moodle.  If the information there doesn’t solve your problem, you can contact Peter Stacey (e-learning coordinator) using the blue button on the page.


Helpdesk is the website for both staff and students to log any IT or maintenance problems.  It can be accessed via the help section on Moodle or going directly to to provide us with as much details of the fault as possible – A problem cannot be investigated until it is reported.

PCounter – Printing/Photocopying credits

Printing and copying is charged at 5p per A4 sheet. Credits can be added to your account by visiting and making a debit card payment.

*Note – There is a minimum topup of £10

More information on PCounter is available from the Library.

IT Department Contact

0161 907 5257 or ext 257 from inside college or call into the IT office on 2nd floor in the main building, near to the student pigeon holes.

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