Associating Your Card

The first time you swipe your ID card at a Printer/Copier, you will need to enter your short username (Student Reference Number) and password to associate your card with your Papercut account.  Once you have done this, you will simply swipe your card to login.

Adding Print Credit

Go to:

Log in with your RNCM username & password

Select 'Add Credit' from the left hand menu

To print remotely from your own PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Phone use one of the following methods:

Web Print

Log in as above

Select 'Web Print' from the left-hand menu
Click 'choose file' to upload the document you want to printint
Click 'Submit a job', select the printer, and follow the instructions.


Go to a copier/printer in college, swipe your card and release your print job.

Email Print

Attach your document to an email, and send it to (for black and white) or (for colour), from your RNCM email account.

Go to a copier/printer in college, swipe your card and release your print job.

Any unreleased print jobs will be deleted after 48 hours.



Re-credits for spoilt prints or machine error.

If you have had a problem printing for one of the following reasons:

  • · Paper jam.
    • · Low toner, with resulting poor quality.              
    • · Gobbledygook (nonsense) printing.

Please contact the IT department immediately with the faulty output or details of your problem. Refunds will typically only be given in relation to hardware errors (eg paper jams, toner failure), and not due to mistakes such as printing the wrong number of pages or printing the wrong document. Refunds will be given at the sole discretion of the IT department.

Refund of unused Print Credit

The College is able to issue refunds against unused Print Credit balances of £10 or over.

Refunds for unused credit can only be requested at the end of a student’s final year at the college.

Refunds should be requested by emailing

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