Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Petite Suite de Concert

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Who was Samuel Coleridge-Taylor?

Up until a couple of years ago you probably hadn't heard of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.  If you want to learn more about him here are a couple of links to articles:

If you want to listen to some more of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's works, Chineke! Orchestra have recorded quite a few and they're available on YouTube.  Alternatively, why not come to see the RNCM Chamber Orchestra perform The Bamboula in the Concert Hall on Fri 22 October at 1930.  For information on how to book tickets please head the College News section on your Moodle homepage and click on 'Free Tickets to RNCM Autumn Season Events'.

As part of Black History Month we're also holding RNCM Black History Month Listening Sessions with Nate Holder.  For more info please refer to the email from RNCM Programming which was sent on Wed 6 October.

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