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    English Language Support

    There are two main types of English language support available at the college; our Pre-Sessional English Course and our In-Sessional English Support.

    The Pre-Sessional English Course

    The Pre-Sessional English Course is offered to international students who are non-native speakers of English. This full-time course runs every summer for six weeks (July-August) at RNCM. The course is designed for students who need additional time to develop the necessary skills for effective learning through the medium of English, before they embark on the rigours of a course of study at the college. The main components of the course are:

    • Grammar and vocabulary
    • Academic reading and writing
    • Listening and speaking
    • Study skills
    • Introduction to musicology

    The course also provides an introduction to Britain and British culture, allowing students to become accustomed to their new academic environment. To this end the course aims are as follows:

    • To develop, extend and build confidence in using general English language skills through the context of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    • To develop academic literacy necessary for students following an academic course at the RNCM
    • To prepare students for independent learning
    • To introduce aspects of British life and culture.

    The Pre-Sessional English Course is very intensive and provides students with the opportunity to practice and improve their language skills in the context of the subject areas they will study at the RNCM.

    Places on this course are limited so students are advised to apply as soon as possible.

    In-Sessional English Support

    In-sessional support is offered to international students who are non-native speakers of English. The year-round provision aims to support students in their academic studies and improve their competence in English. There are two types of in-sessional language support; one-to-one tutorials in support of academic work and weekly general English language lessons.

    One to one tutorials are available for all international students needing help with their academic work. The tutorials are planned around the needs of each student, their level of language and the academic work they have to do.

    English language lessons are also available on a weekly basis. The classes are organised according to the level of individual students and the RNCM course they are following. While improving their general English skills, students have the opportunity to work towards an internationally recognised English examination taken at the college at the end of the academic year.

  • Contact English Language Support

    Dr. Jean Ammar is the college's English Language Support Tutor. You can contact Jean by e-mailing or by visiting Room 228 on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.