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    Here you will find information and resources to help answer your finance related questions.

    If you require any further assistance, please contact Adam Croucher, Assistant Head of Registry (Student Finance & Wellbeing) in Registry.

    • Tuition Fees for 2018-19

      The Board of Governors have approved the following tuition fees for the Academic Year 2018–19:

    • How to pay fees

      Tuition fees are payable prior to registration at the start of the academic year. For UK and EU students the fee will normally be paid directly through the Student Loans Company/SAAS. You will need to provide proof of this during enrolment. For students paying fees themselves, it may be possible to pay by instalments. Tuition fee agreements must be set up prior to registration, and the 1st instalment must be paid before a student can enrol.


      Tuition fee payments may be made using debit / credit card, cheque, or bank transfer. For information please contact Lucy Roberts, Registry Assistant.

      • Student Loans Company Information

        Information taken from Student Finance England

        The quickest way to apply is online at The student doesn’t need to have a confirmed place at university to apply. They should simply apply using their preferred choice of course and can always update this later if they need to. Students should apply now to make sure their student finance is in place at the start of their course. It takes at least six weeks to process applications so it’s important they apply as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is:


        25 May 2018 for new full-time students

        22 June 2018 for continuing full-time students


        If they apply after this, they might not get all their money on time, but we’ll try to make an initial assessment so they have some money as close to the start of their course as possible.


        The online application is designed to make sure students only see the sections they need to fill in. They can

        also save the application at any time and complete it later. If students are applying for finance that depends on their household income, we’ll ask their parents or partner to give us information about their household income and their National Insurance number. Before students start their online application, they should have the following to hand:


        • valid UK passport (if they have one)

        • university and course details

        • bank account details, and

        • National Insurance number



        We can’t process the student’s application until we have all the evidence we’ve asked for. In most cases, it’s easy to provide the evidence we need by simply filling in all the details on their application. For example, the student’s valid UK passport details gives us the identity evidence we need and their parents’ National Insurance numbers allow us to check their household income.

        However, in certain situations the student or their parents may have to send us evidence. If they do, we’ll let them know what evidence they need to send. For more information download the ‘Student finance evidence’ factsheet from the resources section of the practitioner website. Once we’ve assessed the student’s application, we’ll send them a Student Finance Entitlement letter showing what student finance they’ll get. Students should keep this letter as they might have to show it to their university or college when they register. If the student applied online, they should also print the declaration form which they must sign and return to us

        • Loans for Master’s students from 2018-19

          For 2018/19 entrants, the Government will  provide a loan of up to £10,609 per student for postgraduate Master’s study.

          Postgraduate Loans Postgraduate Loan (PGL) for Master’s study will be: • a contribution towards the costs of study, i.e. it will be at the student’s discretion to use the loan towards fees, maintenance costs or other costs; • non-means tested; • paid directly to the student into a UK bank account.

          For up-to-date information and further guidance see

        • Abbado European Young Musicians Trust - Interest Free Intrument Loan

          Please see the attached PDF, which has information on the application process for an interest free loan for instrument purchase.

        • Hardship Fund

          If you’re in hardship and need extra financial support, the College could help through our Hardship Fund. You can apply if you’re a 'home student'. A 'home student' is defined as a person who meets certain residency conditions (the same conditions apply to eligibility for student support, for example, a student loan).

          The support from the Hardship Fund is extremely limited, and applications should be made to the Assistant Head of Registry (Student Finance).

          • RNCM Bursaries

            UK and EU undergraduate students

            The RNCM provide bursaries of up to £1,420 per year (based on 18/19 figures) depending on a students household income. A student with a household income of under £40,000 should be entitled to a bursary, and should contact the Registry - Student Enquiries for further information.

            International / Postgraduate students

            International / PG applicants to the RNCM may apply for bursaries towards the cost of fees and maintenance. Demand is far in excess of funds available, and therefore awards will be limited and will be based on need and merit. In return, students may be expected to undertake directed activities for the benefit of the College

            The application form is attached and must be filled in and returned by April 27th 2018

          • Bursary Hours

            Bursary hours are now monitored within Registry. A student should log their time sheet on a termly basis, by handing in the paper form to the Registry Assistant. New forms can be downloaded from this post.


            We are currently working on putting student hours on Moodle, along with the ability to log hours and have them e-signed. This post will be updated to reflect any changes to the above outlined system.

          • Sustentation Loans

            If you find yourself in financial difficulty (caused by a cash flow problem rather than a financial shortfall) the College may be able to assist with a sustentation loan (SUS Loan).

            This short term loan does not accrue interest and does not require a credit check / guarantor.

            This form of loan can not be used for accommodation costs / deposits and post dated repayment details are required, along with an agreed repayment date.

            If you would like to discuss a loan, please contact the Assistant Head of Registry (Student Finance & Wellbeing) to make an appointment.

            • Professional and Career Development Loans

              A Professional and Career Development Loan could help you pay for learning that enhances your job skills or career prospects. It’s a bank loan, so you’ll go into repayment in the April following graduation, regardless of your income. However, you don’t pay interest for the period when you’re in learning. These loans are NOT the same as undergraduate student loans, and are for UK postgraduate students only (certain EU students may also be eligible).


              For more information please contact the Assistant Head of Registry (Student Finance), and visit

              • Student Travel Requests

                The Student Awards Committee has established a procedure for dispensing travel funds to students following application. Funds are limited and are intended to support the occasions on which students travel on the College’s behalf to competitions and similar events which are not part of the curriculum. The attached form is available for completion by students.  Applications must be made before the travel costs are incurred and must be approved by Head of School / Programme in the first instance, then passed to the Assistant Head of Registry (Student Finance & Wellbeing) for approval by the Director of Performance. Applications should be made by the published deadline for travel in the following term. Special consideration will be given where a student is able to raise funds from other sources. After the event, receipts will be required for claims to be processed. Please ensure that you follow this procedure and that the number of claims are kept to a minimum in view of the restricted funding.

              • Scholarship renewal criteria

                Please find attached the criteria for continuing scholarship renewals. Please note - scholarships are for year of entrance unless specified otherwise.

              • Student Finance Office feedback