Topic outline

  • General


    College Strategies and Policies

    • Topic 1

      Academic Regulations

      These Regulations govern the taught higher education awards of the RNCM made following the satisfactory completion by students of an approved programme of study.  These Regulations do not govern honorary awards of the RNCM, such as Fellowship (FRNCM).

    • Topic 2

      Committee Handbook

      This document is intended as a pracical guide for committee members, secretaries and chairs within the College.

    • Topic 4

      Quality Assurance and Enhancement Handbook

      The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Handbook is a reference document for staff that sets out the policies, procedures and guidance that define and assure the academic standards and quality of the College’s programmes. College regulations are set out in the Academic Regulations (above).  

      The College will regularly review its quality assurance and enhancement procedures in light of internal and external changes
      and to reflect sector-wide good practice.