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  • General

    Staff research activity

  • RNCM Internal Research Funding

    The RNCM Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee considers applications from both part-time and full-time College staff for research grants to support personal and/or collaborative research projects, including the costs of presenting research at conferences and help with the publication and dissemination of research outputs.

    Before applying for a grant of more than £300, you must discuss your plans with the Director of Research (Wiebke Thormählen) or the Associate Director (Jane Ginsborg). Your completed application form (see below for the form and guidelines on how to fill it in) must be sent as email attachments to by the following deadlines for them to be considered by the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee at their termly meetings: 23 November 2022, 23 January 2023,  and 26 May 2023. Accordingly, please consult with colleagues in the Research Department, plan and write your application in good time.

  • Research ethics - information and application forms

    All research involving human participation (i.e. other people as participants in the research) must be approved by a research ethics committee. If the researcher is a member of staff or an undergraduate, postgraduate or research student at RNCM the research must be approved in advance by the RNCM Research Ethics Committee, whether or not it takes place at RNCM or elsewhere.

    Please read the NOTICE Staff research involving human participation. If you plan to carry out or supervise such research, please ensure that you are familiar with the appropriate codes of ethics and procedures. You will find all the relevant information and documents at the Research Ethics tab on Moodle.

    Staff researchers and external researchers must adhere to the RNCM Policy on Payment for Research Participation.

    If you have any queries, please contact Prof. Jane Ginsborg (Chair: Research Ethics Committee: or the Research Administrator:

    • Security Sensitive Research

      Since 2012, HEIs are required to know about all research involving security-sensitive material.  The aim is to protect staff and students by legitimising and recording their need to access sensitive material for research purposes.  Colleagues will be required to report any research falling into this category on an on-going basis on order to be protected by the College. 


      Please read the attached document. If you feel you need to declare research on sensitive material, complete the form on page 2 and return it to Source material that involves radicalisation, terrorism or other security-sensitive issues will be stored securely on a core server (the Safe Store) with password protection for the named researcher(s).  

    • Research Committee Minutes