Exam music sessions information

For all 3rd and 4th years and final year postgraduates who are giving an examined recital at the end of the academic year

Copies of music for end-of-year recitals

Requirements for 3rd Year students:

One copy of the music must be provided for the examination panel, in addition to any copies from which you are performing.

Requirements for 4th Year and PG students:

Two copies of the music must be provided for the examination panel, in addition to any copies from which you are performing.

To ensure that you have the necessary copies, sign up for a Library session from Monday 9 March 2020.


What you need to do

1. Sign up for a 20 minute session via the booking slots on RNCM Moodle.

2. Either fill in the form on Moodle or print out and fill in an exam music form before you come to the meeting. (Forms are also available from the Library counter).

3. Bring the form and any performing copies of the music with you to the consultation.


What the Library does

During your session Library staff will endeavour to provide you with the required number of copies of the music for your recital. This may be done via:

-Purchasing additional copies

-Reserving Library copies

-Ensuring you share copies with other students who also need the music for their exam

-Acquiring copying permission from the publishers for copyrighted works

If you do not attend a consultation then we may not be able to assist you in obtaining the necessary copies for your examination.



Why can’t I just give the examiners photocopies?

Photocopies are acceptable, provided that they are legal. The College is committed by Law to comply with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, and as such it will not allow illegal photocopies into an exam, audition or competition. If a student attends an examination with unauthorised photocopies of the music to be performed, the examination will not be able to proceed and the student will be awarded 0% for the assessment (Student information handbook Section 8 p.4).  Information about copyright law can be found here.

Can I or my accompanist perform from photocopies?

You cannot perform from photocopies of copyright works unless express permission has been sought from the copyright owner and documentary evidence to this effect is produced. Photocopying for the purposes of page turns is exempt provided the whole unit is not copied. (Student information handbook, Section 8 p.6)

I own my own copy of the music I’m performing, can I photocopy it for the panel?

If you own the music for your end-of-year recital or you have borrowed it from a Library, friend or teacher, and it is published by one of the members of the MPA, you can legally make one copy per examiner, providing that the copies are retained and destroyed by the examiners immediately after the recital. These copies should be marked with the following ‘Examiner copy. Destroy after use’. Bring your copy of the music to the Library consultation so that staff can advise you. For more information click here.

Do the copies for the exam panel need to be the same edition as the one I’m performing from?

Where possible the panel copies should be of the same edition as your performing copy. However, another edition is acceptable provided any major differences are noted.

Do the copies for the exam panel need to be in the same key as the one I’m performing from?

Vocal scores may be presented in an alternative key provided the panel is notified.

I am performing a piece which I have arranged, can I make copies of this?

If you are planning to perform an arranged version of a copyrighted work then you need to have obtained the permission of the copyright owner to make the arrangement as well as for the additional copies for the panel.

I need another copy for my Associated Board Diploma or FRSM examiner, what do I do?

If you are also taking the Associated Board diploma examination or FRSM, you will be responsible for providing your own copy for the examiner, as specified by the Associated Board, in addition to the requirements detailed above for your College exam.

How do I fill out the consultation form?

Fill out the form before you attend your consultation. Please provide as much detail as possible. To enable you to do this you will need to do the following;

  • Check whether the Library already has copies of the music. If so then you should borrow the copies as soon as possible; your borrowing limit will be increased to allow for this.
  • Check the copyright status of the music. Copyright legislation is outlined on the library pages of RNCM Moodle, by the photocopiers and in the Copyright guides in the Library. Please bring your copy of the music to the session so Library staff can advise you.
  • Check whether or not you can obtain the music from another source, e.g. your teacher, a friend or another library. You should also ask amongst your colleagues to see if you can arrange to share copies.



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