How does it all work?


Students are given notification of personnel lists, rehearsal schedules and updates - these will be via your college email and the RNCM Orchestras and Ensembles Noticeboards. All students have a College email account set up and are required to check it regularly. The Orchestras and Ensembles Noticeboards are located outside the Concert Hall, opposite the Percussion Studio and beside the Orchestra Office.

Parts for all orchestras and ensembles are usually available at least two weeks before the first rehearsal. 

All students
 are expected to pick up music in advance to allow for preparation of individual parts by the time of the first rehearsal.

For string students, outside desk players will be able to collect their parts from the Orchestras Office and practice copies are available to inside desk players.

All Orchestra and Ensemble project parts are available from the Orchestra Office.

When you sign out a real part, YOU are responsible for its condition and safe return at the end of use. At the end of the final concert all music should be left on the stand. Late return or loss of music will incur a fine. All parts should be brought to all rehearsals. In the event of absence from a rehearsal for any reason, music should be sent into College as early as possible for the use of a desk partner or a dep.

Concert Dress
Please ensure you have the following Concert Dress for College orchestral performances:



Black dress trousers (no jeans)

Black Dinner Jacket

Plain Black long-sleeved shirt

Smart Black shoes and plain black socks



Floor length black evening dress




Smart black top and either smart black trousers (no jeans / leggings) or floor length black skirt

Smart Black shoes worn with plain black tights / black socks


Dresses, skirts and trousers should reach the ankle when seated

Tops & bottoms should meet in the middle when standing or playing

All hair accessories should be black


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