In total we’ve selected 20 pieces – not all instruments will have a part to learn every week, but there will be opportunities across the year for all Woodwind, Orchestral Brass, Strings, Harps and SKS students.


For this year:

12 of the pieces include Harp

9 include Piano or Celeste

2 include Saxophone(s)

2 include Cornets

2 include Euphonium

1 has Guitar and Mandolin


Even if your instrument isn’t involved on a particular week, do use the opportunity to listen to the piece, maybe study the score or simply learn about the composer.  A range of Academic Studies tutors will also share their expertise with you through some short 2 minute videos which will be sent out when we announce that week’s Piece of the Week.


This isn’t compulsory – it is totally up to you whether you get involved or not.  You can learn the whole piece or concentrate on specific passages/movements, just learn one part or learn all the relevant parts.

Discuss it in Silent Practice Room breaks, School instrument classes or online!


We'll post links to the orchestral parts and scores each week on the Orchestras and Ensembles page of Moodle and in an email so that you can easily access the materials.  You will need to set up your Nkoda to access the parts, for information on how to do this please use the following link:


Also – take a look at the Videos on Moodle from a variety of tutors talking about how to prepare an Orchestral part quickly and apply their tips to learning Piece of the Week.

You will need to be logged into Moodle, from the Home Page, go the Performance, Orchestras and Ensembles and then Piece of the Week.

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