What browser is best for accessing Moodle?

Moodle will work well with most modern browsers.

It will work with all recent versions of Edge, Chrome, and Safari on Windows and Mac. It will look at its best in the latest versions of these browsers.

Please note that if you want to record video into eStream using the Web Recorder through Moodle you will need to use Chrome.

What other software does Moodle require?

Moodle itself doesn't require any software other than the browser, however content uploaded to it, or linked from it may require further software to view.

Most browsers will now display PDF documents directly. If your browser does not you can download Adobe Reader by clicking on the image below.

Acrobat download link

There may be content uploaded as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents, and assignment submissions may be required in Microsoft Word.

You will need Microsoft Office to open these.

As the college subscribes to Office 365 all staff and students are are able to download free copies of Microsoft Office for use on personal phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (both Mac and PC).

The software will remain active for the length of your time at the RNCM.

To download and install Microsoft Office:

Log in to  RNCM email in a web browser at https://outlook.office.com using your usual email address and password.

Click on the image at the top right of the page that either contains your initials or your photo if you've uploaded one.

Then click on "My account" and then "Install Office" and follow the instructions on the page.

Additionally, even without installing Office, you can use the ‘web’ versions of the software from that same page instantly, with no download or installation required.

When you log in to your RNCM email at https://outlook.office.com you can access the web versions by clicking on the 9 dots in the top left corner of the page and selecting the required application.

Last modified: Monday, 18 March 2024, 2:57 PM