Here at the RNCM we are training you to be a professional musician, it is therefore imperative that you complete an Absence Request Form for every period you are absent during term time (including evenings and weekends).  

If you were a contracted member of an orchestra you would have to speak to the orchestra manager about any other work you were offered or any big family events(e.g. weddings, birthdays) before agreeing to take on any extra work or making any travel arrangements.  We use the same system at College.  For anything outside of college (including professional work, family commitments, and holidays) you must complete an Absence Request form before agreeing to take on any work and before making any travel arrangements. 

Absence Request Forms can be found on the Orchestras & Ensembles' Moodle page.

• It is your responsibility to complete the form with as much information as possible. 
• You need to specify on the form if you will be missing any lessons, classes, assessments, rehearsals or concerts.
• SS, SWBP & Conducting need to submit their Absence Request forms to the Orchestras Office as far in advance as possible. This should be done by emailing the completed form to OandE@rncm.ac.uk.
• Absence requests for missed classes and performance activity must be approved by the Head of School.
• Absence requests for missed assessments must be approved by the Head of School and Deputy Principal (Performance and Programmes).  
• Absences over 5 working days must also be sent to the relevant Course Leader for approval. Registry will deal with this when necessary. 
• For any career-enhancing opportunities (e.g. professional playing work, masterclass, external courses etc) we advise that you discuss this with your Principal Study Tutor before submitting an absence request.

You will be notified by email if your Absence Request has been approved or refused. Authorisation must not be assumed until you have received confirmation that your request has been approved.

If you have been offered professional work and need a quick answer, please get in touch with a member of the Orchestras and Ensembles team. Please either come into the Orchestra office or ring one of the team:
Amy Gordon (O&E Manager SS): 0161 9075 284
Charlotte Ferry (O&E Manager SWBP): 0161 9075 418

Last modified: Friday, 15 September 2023, 1:10 PM