Items not in stock

Information on reservations, purchase requests and Inter-Library loans

If an item which you require is on loan to another borrower, you can reserve it as follows:

Books, sheet music & A/V items                

Log into your Library account through the Library catalogue at

Search for the item

Click Reserve item on the left hand menu


Alternatively you can fill in a pink reservation card at the Library counter


If we do not stock an item which you require you can ask the Library to acquire it for you.

Journal articles/Theses/    Books and music which are specialist, expensive or out of print

These can usually be obtained through Inter-Library loan (ILL). Fill in an ILL request form at the Library counter. There is a charge of 50p for this service.

Students are limited to 5 ILL requests per year, except MMus students who can make 8 and MPhil/PhD students have unlimited requests.

NB. Fines as follows are charged on non-collected Inter Library-Loans:

£5 per journal article

£7.50 per book/music score.

Other Books and Music

Fill in a blue purchase request card at the Library counter

A/V items

Fill in a beige purchase request card at the Library counter


If an item is available locally at another Library we would normally ask you to go there yourself.

There is a national scheme between Libraries called SCONUL which allows RNCM members access to the Libraries of other institutions. UG students are allowed reference only access; PGs and staff are allowed borrowing rights. For more information and to apply for a SCONUL card please ask at the Library counter. 


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