As a student in the School of Composition, you will benefit from the best music college provision of student ensembles in the country for the rehearsal and performance of your new works.

Among the many opportunities provided to you, these will include:

Brand New Orchestra (a full symphony orchestra) - once a term

Composers' Lab (a Sinfonietta-sized group) - 8 times in the year


Performing Materials
As part of your training at the RNCM to be a composer, you are expected to prepare professional-standard performing materials. Guidance on how acceptable standards of materials can be sought from any staff member of the School of Composition. The Orchestra and Ensembles team have prepared a Basic Submissions Guidelines document, which you can download here. Please note, this document includes a maximum approved percussion list for Brand New Orchestra and Composers' Lab.

From September 2018 all Brand New Orchestra and Composers’ Lab pieces need to be submitted with a respective Submission checklist. The Brand New Orchestra checklist can be found here and the Composers' Lab checklist here

Failure to submit materials adhering to these guidelines will result in your piece not being rehearsed or performed by the college ensemble.

Submission of your performing materials for ensembles is to the Orchestra Office. There are strict deadlines for your submission of materials to be performed by college ensembles.
Late submissions are not accepted - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Brand New Orchestra: Dates & Deadlines
Deadlines and rehearsal details for the Brand New Orchestra during 2018/19 are listed below. You will be advised on deadlines for Composers' Labs and other ensemble opportunities by your Head of School throughout the year.


Brand New Orchestra 1

Orchestrations deadline                                   Tue 25 Sep       1300

Submissions deadline (scores & parts)            Thu 27 Sep       1300


Tue 09 Oct        1000-1300         Rehearsal          CH

Thu 11 Oct        1500-1800         Rehearsal          CH

1930                 CONCERT        CH



Brand New Orchestra 2

Orchestrations deadline                                   Tue 8 Jan         1300

Submissions deadline (scores & parts)            Thu 10 Jan       1300


Tue 22 Jan        1500-1800         Rehearsal          CH

Thu 24 Jan        1500-1800         Rehearsal          CH

1930                 CONCERT        CH



Brand New Orchestra 3

Orchestrations deadline                                   Mon 1 Apr        1300

Submissions deadline (scores & parts)            Wed 3 Apr        1300


Tue 30 Apr        1800-2100         Rehearsal          CH

Thu 2 May         1500-1800         Rehearsal          CH

1930                 CONCERT        CH


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