• What is Counselling?

    Counselling provides an opportunity for you to explore any issues you may wish to talk about with someone who is not directly involved in the situation you are trying to deal with. This may be about anything that is on your mind or which may be affecting you and/or the way you relate to others.

    The College counsellors won’t pass judgement or give advice but try and assist you to find your own solutions. Their main concern is to help you discover a more fulfilling and satisfying way of leading your life.

    The service is free of charge and anything you choose to bring to counselling will be treated with confidentiality.

    What do we do?

    Lots of students have been to see us over the years to talk through problems which may have been getting in the way of happiness or success at College. We don’t pass judgement or give advice, but help you to work things out in your own way and at your own pace.

    What can we help with?

    Here are just some of the things people have come to talk about:


    *Feeling homesick 


    *Low mood/depression 

    *Eating issues 


    *Drink and drug issues 

    *Anxiety and panic attacks 

    *Problems with your tutors 

    *Feeling ‘stuck’

    We are here to support you or refer you on to other agencies if appropriate.

    Don’t Struggle On Your Own

    We know how challenging life as a musician in training can be without taking on or persevering with any avoidable burdens. We also know that it can be hard to talk about things which you might have been feeling you had to keep to yourself and have never told anyone about. We shall do all we can to make it easier for you to talk about whatever is getting in the way of you moving on.

    A Friend in Need

    Sometimes a friend is best placed to notice when someone is struggling and it can be really helpful to offer that person the support and encouragement which only friends can.

    Just a word of caution. In such circumstances being a friend in deed can sometimes be extremely demanding. Please be careful not to take on more than you can manage on your own. You will not be letting them down by suggesting they seek support from someone who is qualified to provide it.

    How Long will it Take?

    Sometimes, an hour or so might be enough. Or you may decide you want to come for more regular sessions, either on a weekly basis or as and when the need arises. We’d normally hope to offer you at least one 50-minute session a week. We can be flexible, depending on what you need and how many people are on the waiting list.

    I'm not sure if counselling is for me

    If you're not sure what support is best for you, you can arrange to speak to one of our Student Wellbeing Advisors. They can chat to you about the different support that's available and help come up with a plan that's best for you. Email Wellbeing@rncm.ac.uk to get in touch with them.